Monday, April 7, 2014

When a Tatter Gets Bored...

When a tatter gets bored, she loses concentration.  When she loses concentration, she forgets to join picots.

When she forgets to join picots, she has to work on other projects for awhile.  I knew when I started round 8 that I would go crazy before it was finished, and I was right.  There are like 50 flower motif repeats in this round and it gets so monotonous repeating the same sequence over and over.  About half way through the round, I missed joining the sixth ring to the first, twice.  That was when I knew it was time to work on something else for a while.  So I made this lovely cross.
It's from the book Tatted Bookmarks - Cross Shaped by Lena Bjorn.  This is the cross named Camilla.  It's done in Lizbeth size 40 Arctic Waters and Fern Green Medium.  I love the muted neutral colors and the subtle color changes.

I also worked on some flowers by Jan Stawasz from his book Tatted Treasures.

The yellow centers are Lemon Yellow light and the bright pink petals (I know it looks red in the picture, but it's a bright hot pink) is Altin Basik #358.  The stems are Christmas green.  The bright, springlike colors restored my sanity, and I am happy to report that I am finally finished with round 8 of Renulek's doily.  The only thing keeping me going on that project is the desire to have a beautiful doily at the end of the process, no matter how tedious or long the rounds get.  I am so happy with how it looks now and how her finished doily looks that I will forge ahead until it's done.  Oh, and about those missed joins, I plan to perform some minor surgery and tie them off with the same color thread and hide the ends.  I'm not a perfectionist and I don't think those minor errors will ruin the whole project.


  1. Um know what you mean about round 8, that is where I too many major mistakes and had to cut and unpick bits. The cross and flowers look great and it is good to transfer your attention to other tatting at these times.

  2. Yea the larger the project the more you feel like your loosing your mind :) Like Sally said break it up with more tatting!

  3. Your doily looks fabulous!!! :)
    Great cross!! :)
    Wonderful flowers!!!! :)

  4. Proud of you for doing surgery on your mistakes instead of taking the scissors and whacking the round off. :) Good luck!

    Love the cross too.