Friday, August 15, 2014

Cross and Bookmark

I finished the Small Cross from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns, and I love, love, love how it turned out.

I think it has a very medieval look to it.  Have another one in the works in the same colors, then it's off to try it out in different colors. (See the post below for details on the threads used).  It's a very quick and easy tat and my favorite of all the crosses I've done lately.

I thought I needed a break from crosses and found inspiration from this post from Muskaan.  I didn't have the pattern, but I found a similar flower motif in Martha Ess' Tea is for Tatting, so I used it for the flower.  For the stem, I used a bracelet that I saw on Pintrest.  I don't know who designed it, but it's a pretty simple ring/chain design.

I used the double/double stitch for the chain from stem to flower.  It gives the chain a lot more stiffness and stability.  This double/double stitch was really easy to learn.  All it is is two first half stitches followed by two second half stitches.  Jane Eborall has a tutorial on her blog here.  And the beautiful green variegated thread is thanks to the generosity of Diane at Lace-Lovin' Librarian.  She was giving away samples of this Omega size 20 thread and I received my sample last week.  Thank you, Diane!!  The flower is done in Lizbeth Yellow Light for the center and Country Grape Medium for the flower, both in size 20.  I like using two colors when making these flowers so that the lock joins show the contrasting color.  Can you see the little blips of yellow at each lock join?  I really enjoyed this little bookmark and I think I have enough of the Omega green thread to make at least two more stems.

Monday, August 11, 2014

More Crosses

I know, I just finished making a bunch of crosses to take as gifts to family and friends in my hometown.  (They were very well received, by the way).  Well, I'm making more crosses to donate to my church's Harvest Festival coming up in September.  They will have a booth with handmade items, and what could be more appropriate for a church function than tatted crosses?

This one is from Lena Bjorn's book "Tatted Bookmarks - Cross Shapes" and is done in Finca Perle Cotton size 12 in color 9725   .   I love how this thread captures all the blue hues of the spectrum.

This pattern is also from Lena Bjorn's book and is done in Finca Perle Cotton size 12 in color  ?? (the label fell out of this ball).

And finally, a cross from a different pattern book (gasp!).
This is the small cross from Mary Konnior's "Tatting With Visual Patterns."  I still have one more round to go, a chain around the outside, but I love how it looks so far.  The dark color thread didn't show up well on the scanner, it's a deep purple, almost brown color, another Finca thread, color 8756, along with a beautiful gold thread in color 8060.

I'm really enjoying these Finca threads.  The colors are rich and the texture is very smooth and silky.  It has a nice shine to it.  I wasn't sure when I bought them how they would work for tatting, but they've really grown on me.  I may have to get some more.  As long as I don't have to un-tat too much, this thread holds up really well.

Friday, August 1, 2014


I'm juggling several different projects right now. I started two new projects because I was excited to try out the new thread that I bought in Indiana.  This one is called "Heart's Desire" and you can find the pattern here  on Frivole's blog.  It is designed by Susan K. Fuller.

This was done in Finca Perle Cotten size 12 in color 1742.  There are a few tension issues with the chains, but I think a little blocking will whip it into shape.  Luckily, I tried this thread on a pretty straight foreword pattern that didn't require much un-tatting.  I can see where this thread could easily split and fray if it was un-tatted too much.  But I love the luster and feel of the thread and will use it again for other projects (since I bought like 10 balls of it, I'd better use it.).

While in Indiana, I also bought several handkerchiefs to edge. Here is the start of my very first hanky edging.

The pattern is called "Baby Lace" and is found in Mary Konnior's "Tatting with Visual Patterns."  It is done in DMC size 80 Lavender.

I'm still plugging along on the Renulek Spring Doily, even though it is almost Fall.  I'm almost done with round 12, the penultimate round!! Yay!!  I love this doily and can't wait to finish it.

And finally, this is why I love to give tatting away.  This is my niece wearing the t-shirt I made for her.  Doesn't she look adorable?

Photo: Emily is wearing a new shirt with tatting made my great aunt Mary Beth Mary Beth Collins Duke

Details on the tatted Cat pattern can be found  here.