Thursday, January 2, 2014

Last of the Christmas Tatting

I promise this will be my last Christmas tatting post.  I just have to get these last couple of projects done and stored away for next year.  It never hurts to have a couple extra Christmas motifs in the back pocket for that unexpected gift or when you run out of time.

I finished the Christmas wreath and the outer row was very ruffled.  If I had left it like that it would have made an excellent candle frill, but I don't use candles in holders, so I don't need frills.  Blocking did straighten out the ruffles, but only by force.

  Next time I think I will adjust the stitch count on the chain in the first round and see if that helps.  My other dilemma with this motif is what do I do with it.  It won't look good as a stand alone decoration on the Christmas tree because it is green.  I could put it inside a brass ring and make a sun catcher or door knob decoration out of it.  Any suggestions?  It measures about 4 inches across.

And my last snowflake of the year is the lovely "Le Flocon" by Frivole.

And now on to Valentine and Spring tatting.


  1. Oh these came out really nice, and that reminds me I need to buy that blue Ice color:) :)

  2. Wonderful wreath and snowflake!!!! :)