Friday, January 17, 2014

Yet another tea set

After Christmas, I was so looking forward to some leisurely tatting with some new patterns I had recently downloaded.  The big Christmas rush, with numerous snowflakes and bells to get done and gifted before Dec. 25 was very stressful, and on Dec. 26 it was time to relax, right?  Wrong!  My next door neighbor reminded me that I had promised to tat an entire tea set for her to give as a wedding gift in mid January.  Said tea set has 5 different pieces, so it takes some time to tat.  So I put away my new patterns and colorful thread and got out the boring old white and blue.  I was very sick of white thread after all those snowflakes.  But I must admit, the tea set turned out beautifully after my neighbor mounted the pieces onto silver card stock and framed it.  Here is the result.

 This is Martha Ess' Maltese Tea Set done in Lizbeth Royal blue and white.  Here it is with the frame.
And now for my TIAS.  This is how it looks after day 4.  I'm using Elderberry Jam, one of my favorite colorways.
Any ideas as to what it could be?


  1. This ea set looks great I downloaded the directions but never got around to making this one yet. Blue and white looks nice, I think it is always a favorite!

  2. That is a truly elegant tea set!!!! What a fabulous job you did!!! :)

  3. I love the colors of your tea set! I have three blue and white china teapots that I inherited from my grandmother and hope someday to have a blue and white kitchen...beautiful!