Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beautiful Cat Despite Kitten

I'm still having fits with our little kitten attacking my tatting.  The only good tatting time I get anymore is when he's taking a nap.  Now I have to juggle housework, kids and a kitten in order to squeeze in a little tatting time.  But I did manage to tat this adorable little cat.

The pattern is from the book "Tatted Animals" by Inga Madsen.  It was actually a fairly easy tat.  It's done in Lizbeth 40 Tropical Punch.  The face was the only fiddly part. I plan to sew him onto a toddler size t-shirt and give it to my one year old niece.  Stay tuned to see the completed project.

In July I'm going to my hometown in Northern Indiana (Mishawaka to be exact) to visit family and friends.  I want to give each family member a tatted cross bookmark for their Bible. This is the third one I've (almost) finished. I have about 5 more crosses to tat between now and mid-July.

It looks a little crooked because it hasn't been blocked yet.  I still need to tat a chain from the top of the cross up to peek out of the Bible.  This is Lizbeth size 40 Sea Coral Citrus and Lime Green Light.  I love this color combination.  It looks like Easter colors.  This pattern is from the book "Tatted Bookmarks - Cross Shaped" by  Lene Bjorn.


  1. Love your cat, adorable in those colours. Lovely cross

  2. I taught a girl how to tat and came to her house to see the progress and her cat was the same way she said they had to shut the cat in another room to get any tatting done :) your pictures and work look great, hopefully there will be more to come!

  3. Love your cat and your cross!!!! :)