Monday, June 9, 2014

Not very productive

I have been a very unproductive tatter these last few weeks.  "Why," you may ask "have you lacked productivity?  Is is because you don't have time?"  "No," I respond.  "School has just gotten out and as a school bus driver, I am off for the summer, so I have plenty of extra time to tat."  "Do you need inspiration?" you inquire.  "No.  I just received these two new tatting books and am itching to try out some patterns," I answer.

This is the source of my tatting woes.

Our adorable little kitten, Neko.  Every time I get out my tatting bag and start unwinding thread from the shuttle(click, click, click), Neko comes running.  He has learned that that clicking sound means thread moving and shuttles dangling.  He cannot resist attacking everything that moves. He is only 4 months old after all.  I try to ignore him and carry on with my tatting, and this is what happens:
Notice the ball of thread in his arms and his claws in my tatting bag.  He is just relentless.  I have seen that many of you fellow tatters have cats, so I'm hoping this is just the kitten phase and he will learn to take my tatting in stride over time.

I have managed to complete a couple small projects despite the kitty.
This bookmark, designed by Jane Eborall, is done in Arctic Waters and Sky Blue medium, size 40.  It was a teacher gift for the end of the school year.
This is a Grace Tan adapted cross pattern from a bookmark designed by Jane Eborall and Jane McClellan in Grape Pomegranate size 40.  I especially love this variegated thread.  The purples and reds are very rich.


  1. Puppies do that too :) they even bother my stuff when I leave the room. I had to put up bone shuttles I guess they seemed like treats!
    can't wait to see what you make from this book!

  2. Are there kitty diversions? Maybe strings on a flexible pole? Bugs? I'm not a cat person, so I can only guess.

    I agree, your color choices are great. I had wondered about the butterfly book. It will be nice to see what you do from that.

  3. Love the bookmarks. They look very pretty - nice colorways :-))

  4. Love the bookmarks. They look very pretty - nice colorways :-))