Friday, August 15, 2014

Cross and Bookmark

I finished the Small Cross from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns, and I love, love, love how it turned out.

I think it has a very medieval look to it.  Have another one in the works in the same colors, then it's off to try it out in different colors. (See the post below for details on the threads used).  It's a very quick and easy tat and my favorite of all the crosses I've done lately.

I thought I needed a break from crosses and found inspiration from this post from Muskaan.  I didn't have the pattern, but I found a similar flower motif in Martha Ess' Tea is for Tatting, so I used it for the flower.  For the stem, I used a bracelet that I saw on Pintrest.  I don't know who designed it, but it's a pretty simple ring/chain design.

I used the double/double stitch for the chain from stem to flower.  It gives the chain a lot more stiffness and stability.  This double/double stitch was really easy to learn.  All it is is two first half stitches followed by two second half stitches.  Jane Eborall has a tutorial on her blog here.  And the beautiful green variegated thread is thanks to the generosity of Diane at Lace-Lovin' Librarian.  She was giving away samples of this Omega size 20 thread and I received my sample last week.  Thank you, Diane!!  The flower is done in Lizbeth Yellow Light for the center and Country Grape Medium for the flower, both in size 20.  I like using two colors when making these flowers so that the lock joins show the contrasting color.  Can you see the little blips of yellow at each lock join?  I really enjoyed this little bookmark and I think I have enough of the Omega green thread to make at least two more stems.


  1. The richness of that cross is delightful!

  2. Lovely cross, I have done this pattern several times and it always looks good whatever colour you use.
    Lovely bookmark I like your flower and the stem. Well done

  3. Wow ! I like Both the cross : adorable little 'shells' along the tail!
    & your adaptation of the bookmark - love the radiating spokes & the leafy tail :-) Glad you were inspired :-)

    Just one clarification : the dds is not Really 2FHS,2SHS (that was a Wonderful wonderful 'mistake' Fox had made - I put the link to her post in my explanation). It adds beautiful texture & I hope to use it again .
    dds, in reality (as shown in Jane's tutorial) is a self-padded ds where each half stitch is repeated within itself. Ruth Perry calls it the Balanced ds. There is a listing of various terms & techniques for this padded ds in my Tatting Resources page.

    Looking forward to more of your bookmarks, & other tatting ..

    Oh, and you simply need to ask Jane Eborall for the bookmark pattern, if you like. She has offered to share it with anybody who is interested.

  4. Very elegant cross!!! :) And I love the flower bookmark!!! :)

  5. Love the colors in the cross you used, and the flower was a great idea to put together many beautiful things too!