Monday, August 11, 2014

More Crosses

I know, I just finished making a bunch of crosses to take as gifts to family and friends in my hometown.  (They were very well received, by the way).  Well, I'm making more crosses to donate to my church's Harvest Festival coming up in September.  They will have a booth with handmade items, and what could be more appropriate for a church function than tatted crosses?

This one is from Lena Bjorn's book "Tatted Bookmarks - Cross Shapes" and is done in Finca Perle Cotton size 12 in color 9725   .   I love how this thread captures all the blue hues of the spectrum.

This pattern is also from Lena Bjorn's book and is done in Finca Perle Cotton size 12 in color  ?? (the label fell out of this ball).

And finally, a cross from a different pattern book (gasp!).
This is the small cross from Mary Konnior's "Tatting With Visual Patterns."  I still have one more round to go, a chain around the outside, but I love how it looks so far.  The dark color thread didn't show up well on the scanner, it's a deep purple, almost brown color, another Finca thread, color 8756, along with a beautiful gold thread in color 8060.

I'm really enjoying these Finca threads.  The colors are rich and the texture is very smooth and silky.  It has a nice shine to it.  I wasn't sure when I bought them how they would work for tatting, but they've really grown on me.  I may have to get some more.  As long as I don't have to un-tat too much, this thread holds up really well.


  1. Love the last one something about these colors that are so nice and of course the work is matching :)

  2. Fabulous crosses!!! :) Love the colors(especially the blue!!!)!!! :)

  3. All 3 crosses are beautiful, but the last one does seem a bit more special :-))