Sunday, January 18, 2015


I have been working on earrings lately, not because I wear a lot of earrings.  I rarely wear them.  I mainly want to empty a ton of shuttles that have leftover thread from previous projects.  But I also have a guilt complex about starting a new project when I still have two almost finished larger projects.  I only have about 12 more repeats of the last round of Renulek's Spring Doily, last updated here.  And I only have about five repeats of that hanky edging. So it would be crazy for me to start another project, right?  So, in an attempt to be a good girl and finish my WIPS while staving off bordem, I made these earrings.

They are a super simple pattern that I found on Jane McLellan's blog It literally took me like 30 minutes to make each earring.  And since it's all rings, it's perfect for emptying shuttles.  Here's me modeling them.
The next earring pattern I found on MaryLena's blog.  It's a heart pattern, just in time for Valentine's Day.
I decided my daughter makes a better earring model than I do. We also had a lot of fun making up her face in preparation for the "photo shoot."  Here is a close-up of the earring.
 I made these in blue because I was emptying a shuttle, but I will definitely make them again in red with pearls.  All the beads give the earring a nice weight.

My daughter made me promise to include a picture of her with her cat, so here it is.


  1. Lovely earrings & even lovelier models :-D

  2. Oh wow, so glad to see you could use the pattern, your earrings look great! Marylena's earrings are on my to-do.

  3. Lovely earrings, great model, nice to empty the shuttles ready for other projects

  4. yes I agree the are wonderful and love to see them with a model too!

  5. Great earrings! So shuttles are empty - what you will create next?

  6. I love these earrings, but I don't know how to tat. Yet. Must learn.
    I can already crochet with embroidery floss, so I can hope tatting will be easy?

    Maybe this is what my husband meant when he said I "collect hobbies".