Monday, February 9, 2015

New Tatting Book

I purchased a new tatting book a couple weeks ago, as if I need another book.  It's called "Tatting Patterns 3" by Elaine Gan (not Grace Tan, sorry!!).  I'm always looking for small patterns to use up left-over thread on my shuttles, and this book is perfect for that. It contains mostly jewelry patterns.  Here are a few things I have tatted from this book so far.

As you can see, I haven't sewn in any of the ends yet, but you get the idea of what they look like.  The patterns are very easy to follow as there are in both written and diagram form.  The book is only in electronic format and you can purchase it here:

Life has been pretty hectic lately and I haven't had much time to post to my blog.  I'm a little behind on Jane's TIAS but will post that when I'm done.  I've also started Renulek's Spring 2015 doily. So many projects, so little time.


  1. You did a fabulous job on all those!!! They look terrific!!! :)

  2. Very cute ! I like those slight overlaps of chains :-)

    But isn't this ebook by Elaine Gan ? I checked the link you provided. In fact, I remember many of those pictured motifs being test tatted beautifully by Sue & Jenn .

    1. Yes. Thank you for the correction. I have corrected it on my blog.

  3. You have been tatting many motifs, love them all but my favorite is the little tree!