Thursday, March 5, 2015

Doily Update and Snow!!

I continue to make progress on the Renulek Spring 2015 doily, but not without some setbacks.  Here is round 5 completed.
This was the perfect time for a light press as it was ruffling a little and those little flowers were not behaving themselves at all.  Since the rings of the flowers are not joined together, they tend to get all wonky, so I pressed each one into place. That way, I wouldn't have to untwist them when they were joined in round 6.  I had a few issues starting round 6,  mainly of my own making.  I misinterpreted the pattern and started joining the larger rings (12-12) onto the wrong picot of the previous chain.  The round was ruffling badly, so sadly, I took the scissors and snip, snip.  Luckily, I had only completed a couple pattern repeats.
As you may have seen or experienced, the US is having a crazy winter, and the craziness finally came to Texas.  We usually get about one snow/ice storm per winter where the kids get off school. Up until last week, we had not had any serious winter weather and I thought that we would get through the season with no snow days.  But in the last two weeks, the kids got off Feb. 23-24 for ice, early release on Feb. 27 for snow, and the again today for snow.  If it doesn't warm up enough today to melt the snow and ice, we may have tomorrow off as well.  Since we get so little winter weather in Texas, there are basically no snow ploughs or equipment to clear the streets. Mother Nature has to do that for us.  Here are some pictures of my daughter playing in the snow from last week.


  1. Your doily is very beautiful!! :)
    Looks like your daughter was enjoying herself!! She would probably love it here in Michigan( least for a little while). :)

  2. Sorry about the snipping, but best to do it sooner rather than later. Your doily is looking really pretty.

  3. The doily is looking good
    Your daughter looks like she is enjoying the snow, Here where I am in the UK, we have only had a few thin covering of snow looks like you have had more than us this winter, enjoy while you have it.

  4. I love the snow man and the icicle hat, and kids are adorable!
    I too struggled with this last round and just keep messing up connecting the wrong thing right from the start and cut off 3 times but only one repeat at a time so, after that it went faster of course!

  5. At least you saw the mistake before you finished the whole round. It is looking good now. I saw on the news today about the weather you've had recently. We've missed most of the awful weather here, maybe a bit more snow than average in some places but not bad where I live. And temps just keep going up and down, up and down.

  6. Beautiful tatting, I just started round 2. We have had lots of snow this year in Eastern NM and the ski areas are elated with 75 inches!!

  7. Those flowers! I added a mid-petal picot to prevent the wonky-ness. Looking so fantastic!