Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Motif # 1 Flower Pot 1

I am very proud of my very first complete Jan Stawasz project.  It is "Flower Pot 1" from Tatted Treasures.  I used Christmas Green, Golden Yellow Medium and Mocha Brown Medium in Lizbeth 20 thread.

  The hardest part of this project was all the different sizes of picots and the double picots in several of the elements.  I don't use a standard picot gauge, but measure my picots with some common items found in my house.

For the smallest picots, like joining picots, I use a "T" pin.  The toothpick is my standard picot size.  The round bottom end of the crochet hook is a little larger, followed by a wooden cuticle stick (never used, of course) and a crayon for really big picots, especially double picots. A lot of Jan Stawasz's patterns call for graduated picots or picots of varying sizes, so this is my tool kit for creating consistent picots of different sizes.

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  1. I love the flowers! What a fun thing to tat! I also love your picot gauges...I have a standard picot gauge, I just never use it (I just eyeball them). :)