Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mail call

I got a something special in the mail today.  It is a beautiful pendant that I won from umintsuru.

Here is the post where she explains where the pattern came from.  I won the Juicy Watermelon one.  It looks so beautiful in real life.  Here is my daughter modeling it since she's a lot prettier than I am.


She was a very cooperative model at first, following my directions and posing as I asked.
But she soon tired of modeling and decided to try her own poses.

But the pendant still looks stunning, even with this silly pose, don't you think?  Thank you umintsuru for the beautiful pendant.


  1. Congratulations!! That is going to be admired!!! :)
    As for the model...she is very beautiful(even with such a face!!) :)

  2. Oh, your daughter models it well. So glad it arrived safe. Is she keeping the pendant?

    1. I'm keeping the pendant. She was just modeling it.