Saturday, November 23, 2013

An Early Christmas Present

I opened my mailbox this week to find a lovely package from England!  It was from Sally at Tat's Heaven.  I won her giveaway and got all these wonderful goodies:

The bag is just the right size to carry a tatting project.  There are pockets inside and out to hold shuttles, beads, thread, etc.  Everything you need for your project.  The card inside says it was made by Sandy of  There was a surprise in every pocket, including a tatted button pendant which I can't wait to wear.  And front and center is a pop-a-bobbin shuttle made from Applewood from Sally's father's orchard.  It is a shuttle I will treasure.  Thank you so much, Sally for such a wonderful gift.  (Pop-a-bobbin shuttles are available at Jane Eborall's Etsy site here.  Get them while they are hot because they go fast.)

On the tatting front, I have finished a few more snowflakes, but have a lot more tatting to complete before Christmas.  This snowflake is a pattern by Renulek which you can find here.

Motif # 24
I love this pattern, but you can see the ginormous mistake I made at about 11:00 o'clock.  I put the large floating ring in the wrong spot and it throws off the entire design.  But that's okay.  I'll put it on my tree and make more as gifts.  You can't tell from the scan, but the thread is white with a metallic silver filament running through it.  It is really beautiful in real life.  The thread is Altin Basak white/silver metallic size 50.

This snowflake is from DMC's Festive Tatting and is also done in Altin Basak in white/silver metalic size 50.  No obvious mistakes in this one.

Motif # 25


  1. It always gives me a thrill to see as photograph of something I have sent to someone thousands of miles away. Enjoy using the shuttle

  2. What a wonderful gift and your tatting is really nice I will down load this one!