Friday, November 15, 2013

Tatting Dulldrums

When I start a tatting project, I am usually very enthusiastic and try to spend every spare moment working on it.  But as time goes by, my enthusiasm wanes and I start looking for the next project to work on.  I don't actually start a new project because I don't like to have too many WIPs going at once.  Usually only two, maybe three WIPs at a time.  I finally finished this WIP after nearly six weeks of working on it.

Motifs # 20, 21, 22, 23
It's the Maltese Tea Set from Martha Ess' Tea is for Tatting. It's done in white and royal blue Lizbeth #20.  I made it for my next door neighbor who is British and collects tea pots.

While working on this project, I downloaded and printed numerous "future" projects, mostly snowflakes.  Even though I have several snowflake pattern books, including Jon Yussoff's Tatting Gems, there is something very satisfying about hunting down and then printing free patterns from the web.  My favorite recent downloads come from Ninette's blog and Renulek's blog.  In fact, my next project will be the 3D bell Renulek has posted right now.  At least when the projects are fairly small, there is less time for me to lose my enthusiasm.  I feel like a man with the remote control to the TV.  He doesn't want to see what's on, he wants to see what else is on.  I'm never happy with my current project, I'm always looking for the next project.