Monday, December 9, 2013

Celeste in the sleet

So far, this is my favorite Celeste thread/bead combination.  Ice Blue Lizbeth thread in size 40 and clear glass seed beads.  The clear glass looks like ice on the snowflake.

The white you see in the background is not snow, it's sleet that fell four days ago and we're still waiting for it to melt.  We got about 4 inches of sleet on top of 1/2 inch of freezing rain on Dec. 5 and 6.  But Texas doesn't usually get very much frozen precipitation in the winter, so there are very few snow plows or salt to clear the roads.  We have to wait for Mother Nature to get above freezing to melt the ice, and we are still waiting.  School has been cancelled since Dec. 6, and no guarantee that they will go back tomorrow because the ice keeps re-freezing over night.  So I'll just stay inside and keep tatting.

This pattern is by Frivole and you can purchase it at her Etsy site.  Here's another pic where you can really see the beads sparkle.