Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lovely Celeste

I was very fortunate to be one of the winners of Frivole's pattern give away.  I won her Celeste snowflake pattern and I just love it.  I have made two so far and plan on making more.

The top one is made with Lizbeth Ice Blue in size 40 with blue seed beads.  The bottom one is made with Lizbeth white in size 20.  The biggest challenge for me was making the large picots.  The pattern calls for measured picots in centimeters.  Being from America, all my picot gauges are in inches. After digging up a ruler that had centimeters and measuring all my picot gauges, I found none of them were the required length. So I had to make two picot gauges out of light weight cardboard.  Problem solved.  Actually making these large picots and then joining to them without my thread twisting was a bit fiddly at first, but got easier with practice.  I love how light and airy the snowflake looks, and the beads really make it pop.  My next snowflake will be in Ice Blue thread with clear glass seed beads.  It will look like ice on a snowflake.  Frivole is selling the pattern on her Etsy site here.

Here's a close up of the Ice Blue snowflake with seed beads.

Motif # 3
Thank you Frivole for a great pattern!


  1. like the navy blue beads really sets it off great choice!