Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Bell

I finally  finished the Renulek bell in gold.  I will give it to our church hand bell choir director tomorrow.  It was really hard to get a good picture that shows off the beautiful gold filament in the thread.

 I used a gold bead cap at the top and a small gold jingle bell as the clapper, so it actually rings.
The idea was to make it look as much like an English hand bell as possible, which is brass but looks like gold.  That's why I chose gold thread.  This is what an English hand bell looks like.  I play hand bells at church and tomorrow is our big Christmas program.
The pattern is found here on Renulek's blog and the thread is Altin Basik metallic gold size 50.


  1. You know I always thought to my self, why didn't people ever put the clapper in when they made images of bells, for decorations. I am happy to see thing great shape and wonderful idea. I wish I could hear you tomorrow, I love the bells!

    1. I always include a clapper. Without a clapper, it's not a bell!

  2. Beautiful! I love 3D bells, thanks for the pattern link! It is a new one for me! :) :) One of the things I miss about being in the USA are bell choirs, I truly enjoyed participating in my church's when I was younger...have a blessed performance! :)

  3. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift for your church bell choir director! I'm sure your beautiful bell will be admired and appreciated! You may also be getting orders to make more! The real 'jingle' bell is perfect!

    Over the years I have tatted bells to decorate wedding or anniversary gifts,which can then be used as ornaments for the Christmas tree, or displayed in a cabinet. I've received lovely thank you notes for them.

    I have never heard bell choirs in person, only seen them on TV or in movies.
    I always been amazed how each individual player comes in at the right time, especially in 'complex' musical compositions. It's a very special skill!

  4. Lovely tatting.
    Happy New Year, mb duke!
    Fox : )