Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gorgeous new threads!

When I saw that Jess over at Tat-ilicious had her hand-dyed threads on sale, I couldn't resist picking up a couple from her Etsy shop.  I purchased "Rainbow-licious" and "Grackle," both in size 20.  Both threads are beautiful and I couldn't wait to start a project.  Here is Jane McLellan's bookmark pattern in Rainbow-licious.

Motif # 8
The colors are very bright and there are a lot of subtle tones as the colors change.  The blue, for example, goes from Baby Blue to Royal blue to deep Indigo.  The colors also change very quickly.  As you can see in the bookmark, the large rings have at least two colors.  Those color changes make tatting very addicting for me.  I love tatting with variegated threads because I like to see the changing colors and how they play against each other.  I could not be happier with this colorway.  I can't wait to start a project with the Grackle thread.


  1. This variegated thread is perfect for this pattern. Love it!

  2. That is really pretty. I have that thread. I haven't used it yet. I've been saving it for something special. Your bookmark is inspiring.

  3. Looks good enough to eat, like smarties or jelly babies. Lovely!