Saturday, August 31, 2013

More tatting stuff!

Over the summer I decided that my thread stash and my shuttle collection were too small.  I'm not quite sure how I came to that realization since I've been tatting for about three years and have survived just fine.  Actually, I blame my stash-envy on blogging.  Seeing everybody's beautiful projects and getting new ideas with supplies I don't own has sent me on an e-bay shopping spree.  On several recent purchases, I bought these vintage shuttles and size 70 Star tatting thread, variegated pastels in the original box.

Two of the three shuttles work great with nice, tight ends.  The large ivory colored one on the top has loose ends and is really too big for my hand, so it will just go in the collection.  I must say buyer beware when shopping on e-bay.  Prices vary widely for the exact same product.  My advice is to just watch (in your watch list) items you are interested in for a week or two to see how much they sell for before bidding.  I'm watching two Tatsy pattern books, one has a starting bid of $1.49, the other starts at $5.49.  Needless to say, I'm bidding on the lower priced book.  

I also bought a nice stash of Perfect Quilter thread, thanks to Fox's suggestion.  Here are the colors I got:

And I want to thank God's Kid for sharing her dream catcher earring pattern and very helpful tutorial.  I made one this afternoon and here's how it turned out:
Motif # 13

My daughter selected blue to match her blue eyes.
They will look great when I finish the other earring.  Thank you God's Kid!!  Here's a close up of the dream catcher.  I think it turned out pretty well for my first attempt.


  1. Lovely dream catcher! I've got to try this.
    Beautiful model too. ��

    1. Tatters can never have too much thread,
      Lovely dream catcher earrings, beautiful colour.

  2. Totally awesome!!! :) I love the blue since it's my favorite color!! :)

  3. Wow! All that thread is awesome! I am in the unfortunate place that I have a lot of thread in too large of a size...luckily I think I'm going to start teaching some people to tat over here and will hopefully use it all up in classes! :)