Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pre-vacation progress

Prior to going on vacation (see vacation photos below), I did manage to complete one project and make progress on another.  I finished the Large Cross by Mary Konnior in  Lizbeth size 40 Grape Pomegranate (I think).
Motif # 7

I think the middle turned out a little too fat.  I may try to re-block it and stretch out the ends a little more.  Other that that, I'm very happy with the cross.  For the "tassel" that comes out the top, I chained lock stitches, then split rings to give it some interest.  I really like the effect of lock stitches (where you don't flip the second half of the stitch) in variegated thread or two different colors of thread.  The lock stitch shows both colors of thread alternately and makes for some interesting variations in your work.

I also finished round three of the Stawazs doily # XII and started round four.  

I love the contrasting color of the red in the second and fourth rounds.  It really makes the doily pop. 


  1. Your cross and doily are so very beautiful!! :)

  2. Gorgeous! I'm also tatting several of Mary's designs and the crosses are on my list. Working my way through Harding with Visual Patterns.